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June, 2017:Peer Reviews

May, 2017:Project Portfolio Management: Understanding Where Your Program is Today

March/April 2017:Project Portfolio Management: Assessing Where Your Program Has Been

February, 2017:Project Reserve: Eight Tips You Should Know

January, 2017:Accountability – Do you work with sideline vultures?

December, 2016:Framing Success – Four Tips for Program Managers

November, 2016:Project Managers or Bean Counters?

October, 2016:A Program Manager’s Perspective on Recognition

September, 2016:Ten Process Strategy Keys for Program Managers

August, 2016:Team Building – What this Cookbook Can Teach You

July, 2016:Program and Project Management Roles

June, 2016:Change Management – Make your stakeholders feel like a winner

May, 2016:Focus on the Goal, not the Constraint

April, 2016:Project Status – Give Your Organization a Grade

March, 2016:Busy, but not important work – the consequences

February, 2016:Consistency – A Critical Leadership Trait

January, 2016:Personal Productivity – Improve it with Deep Work

December, 2015:The Seven Gym Personalities You Must Deal with at Work

November, 2015:Noisemakers, Great for Parties, Not for Projects

October, 2015:Book Review – Start Everything Finish Nothing

September, 2015:How to Identify Project Stakeholders

August, 2015:Metric Manipulation

July, 2015:Situational Leadership and the Plastic Lawnmower

June, 2015:Wooden on Leadership – Book Review

May, 2015:Contract Project Manager? What you Need to Know – Part 4

April, 2015:Contract Project Manager? What you Need to Know – Part 3

March, 2015:Contract Project Manager? What you Need to Know – Part 2

February, 2015:Contract Project Manager? What you Need to Know – Part 1

January, 2015:Book Review – Magic Words by Tim David

December, 2014:Project Status – The Real Truth?

November, 2014:Inconvenience or Obstacle

October, 2014:Project Failure and Lava Flow – Painfully Predictable

September, 2014:Project Management Tools – Content is King!

August, 2014:The 4-C Failure Cycle ™

July, 2014:Leadership with Ultimate Awareness: What a Top Chef can Teach You

June, 2014:Hurrying to Project Failure

May, 2014:Interfaces – A Focus of the Successful Program Manager

April, 2014:Have a Process to Identify and Resolve Issues and Conflict Quickly – The Number Seven Project Manager Success Factor

March, 2014:Risk Mitigation Early execution is better, but we love later

February, 2014:Program Manager Leadership Traits – Presence

January, 2014:Ensure goals, objectives and requirements are SMART – The Number Six Project Manager Success Factor

December, 2013:Is the PMBOK cursed? Yes if you believe less is better and more is worse!

November, 2013:The Chicken and Egg Question in Portfolio Management

October, 2013:Accountability – What some think is more is really less

September, 2013:How to Communicate Bad News to Leaders: Always Whisper First

August, 2013:Leading People with Seagull Mentality

July, 2013:Prioritization: The Number Five Project Manager Success Factor Number 5 on my top ten list of project manager success factors is to know how to prioritize and prioritize everything (This also means you are skilled at aggregation, disaggregation and re-ag

June 2013:Avoid Over Committing Yourself and the Team

May, 2013:Assuring Commitment – The Number Three Project Manager Success Factor

April, 2013:Relationship Building – The Number Two Project Manager Success Factor

March, 2013:Accountability – The Number One Project Manager Success Factor

February, 2013:Project Manager Success Factors

January, 2013:Project Management Tactics for TBD – To Be Determined

December, 2012:Change Management Tools: Are you a fiend about client focus?

November, 2012:Project Management Tools: Sophistication Does Not Mean Success?

October, 2012:Why is Risk Identification so Important in Project Management?

September 2012:Are you a Free Range Project Manager™ or are you Caged by Too Much Process?

August 2012:Have you suffered from Project Failure due to being victim of a “Bait Project”?

July, 2012:Should All of an Organization’s Project Managers be Highly Capable?

June, 2012:Do you have the Honey Badger Traits for Project Management Excellence?

May, 2012:Knowing the Customer, Hollow Words or Real Investment?

April, 2012:Are You or Your Organization’s Executives Velvet Rope Leaders?

March, 2012:Should a Project Manager have an assistant?

February, 2012:Book Review: Running the Gauntlet: Essential Business Lessons to Lead, Drive Change and Grow Profits

January, 2012:One Dark Side of Outsourcing

December, 2011:Do you make more than the average PM? – Perspectives on the 2011 PMI Annual Salary Survey

November, 2011:Book Review – 747: Creating the World’s First Jumbo Jet and Other Adventures from a Life in Aviation

October, 2011:Eleven Words and Six Steps to Effective Project Scheduling

September, 2011:The Truth About Work-Life Balance

August, 2011:Why you should never Dumb It Down for the Customer

July, 2011:As a project manager do you have to look like a leader?

June, 2011:Seven Actions This Program Manager Took

May, 2011:Avoiding Groupthink

April, 2011:Book Review: The Program Manager The Bull Leading the Charge, Richard Hardy

March, 2011:Natural Accountability Generation

February 2011:Agile: To Be or not To Be

January 2011:Trends and Truths

September 2010:Why Reputations are Becoming a Reality in the Digital Landscape

August 2010:An Overlooked Strategy for Assigning Project Managers

July 2010:Should a Leader Repeat Themselves

June 2010:Equality is Overrated

May 2010:Six Leadership Actions that Made this Project Successful

April 2010:Is Your Focus a Fallacy?

March 2010:Book Review – The Power of Many: Values for Success in Business and Life

February 2010:Book Review – Mojo: How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Get It Back if You Lose It

January 2010:The SC Addiction

December 2009:The Need for Speed

November 2009:A Tale of Two Experts

October 2009:Book Review – Managing, by Henry Mintzberg

September 2009:Got Testing?

August 2009:Calculated Failure

July 2009:Functionality First

June 2009:Book Review – Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity, Hugh MacLeod

May 2009:The Importance of Feedback

April 2009:Book Review – Scrappy Project Management

March 2009:Is the PMBOK Really a Standard?

February 2009:What is your project’s planning horizon?

January 2009:Cost Cutting is Not Cost Savings – How Good is Your Leadership?

December 2008:Milestones in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

November 2008:Book Review – The One Page Project Manager

October 2008:Are You Spending Too Much Time on Project Administration?

September 2008:Who is the Most Important Stakeholder Group?

August 2008:Why is a book on the brain in the top 25 of Amazon’s leadership books?

July 2008:Why Your Project Management Methodology Doesn’t Matter Much

June 2008:Bozorrific to be added to 4th edition of the PMBOK in December 2008…

May 2008:Is ROI Overrated?

April 2008:Writing Better Requirements by Ian F. Alexander and Richard Stevens

March 2008:Anticipation: The Greatest Project Management Skill (Part 4)

February 2008:Anticipation: The Greatest Project Management Skill (Part 3)

November 2007:Anticipation: The Greatest Project Management Skill (Part 2)

August 2007:Do You Have the Greatest Project Management Ability?