Are You in a Git-R-Done or Is-It-Done Organization?

Are You in a Git-R-Done or Is-It-Done Organization?

One of the good things about Linkedin is that it can facilitate discussion of professional challenges as they relate to project management. This is also a source of frustration for me as some of the discussions expose a major problem in the project management community. That problem is an over focus on terminology, tools, and process. Recently there was a Linkedin discussion posted about the meaning of a certain project management term with strong opinions from project management “experts” on both sides. The reality of the discussion that these experts did not see, was that it really didn’t matter which side was correct, as the work still had to get done. If I was high level leader in an organization, and my staff was having this discussion, they would no longer be my staff.

It is a sad state of affairs when the focus is on the process to the degree the actual work becomes secondary.

In the past two years I have spoken to over 250 small business ($2M to 100M annual revenue) owners and have been alarmed at the number of small business owners that say they would not hire a PMP. They have had bad experiences with PMP’s that are over focused on process.

Additionally, in larger companies many capable project managers are now suffering under misguided PMO’s or leaders (Is-It-Done people) who care more about updating status sheets and populating tools with information than the actual facilitation and leading the execution of work.

Before you memorize the sixth edition of the PMBOK®, please consider these 4 simple steps.

  1. Understand what the customer(s) need(s), ensure the need(s) is measurable and know why they need it.
  2. Understand the assumptions, issues, risks, constraints, and available resources for the context of your circumstances as it relates to 1 above.
  3. Formulate a plan that you partner and sign off on with your customer(s) that reconciles 1 and 2 above.
  4. Git-R-Done!

In many organizations step 4 is overlooked or compromised by people that like to talk about work more than they like doing work. Most organizations could use more Git-R-Done people as many are populated with more Is-It-Done people than they need.

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