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Risk Response Planning – Getting Beyond Obvious

For risk response planning a good project manager ensures that thorough, executable, and approved risk response plans are in place before the risk occurs.

  • Thorough means there should be no unexpected ramifications of the risk response planning like unforeseen costs or impacts on other parts of the project.
  • Executable means the budget, people and capability exists to implement the response plan when it is necessary.
  • Approved means the project manager has ensured pre-approval of the response plan so that it can be implemented with a minimum of delay as required. It is agonizing to be a part of a project where a risk occurs, and you have a response plan that your leadership or steering committee then discusses for two weeks before acting. (Note, I did not assume that a steering committee was leadership and you should never make that assumption, as a steering committee may be made up of leaders, its actions are often the opposite of leadership).

Posted by Dr. James Brown in Project Management, Risk Management Strategies and Tactics, Risk Response Planning.