It's a Project Manager's World Newsletter with Dr. James Brown
      September, 2016 Full Moon Edition      

Ten Process Strategy Keys for Program Managers

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It is easy for program managers to get  consumed with the “urgent” and the “tactical.”  However, at the program level, you also need to devote significant time to the “strategic.” That is, every program manager has to develop strategies  for the business growth and health of his or her program.

The strategies we are discussing are for the program’s internal stability and strength. The decisions that follow the strategies should not be characterized by mere chance. These decisions include:

  1. How status will be performed
  2. How mentoring relationships will be established
  3. How project managers are assigned
  4. How strategies are designed to ensure organizational discipline
  5. How to mix project management responsibilities with organizational responsibilities
  6. How to determine the percentage of organizational resources to spend on operations and maintenance versus development
  7. How project management administrative functions are assigned
  8. How to grow organizational capabilities by increasing the capabilities of project managers
  9. How to balance process and people
  10. How bad projects will be stopped


Some organizations do not make these decisions or they drift to a decision outcome.  Best performance occurs when "thinking" occurs relative to these key decisions.


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