It's a Project Manager's World Newsletter with Dr. James Brown
      September 2012 Full Moon Edition      

You may have heard of “free range chicken” or “free range livestock.” In this context free range means “permitted to roam without being fenced in.”  I am using free range to describe a project management culture where the project manager is not subservient to the process/methodology.

There are many project managers that are slaves to a project management process!

Process (in the right amount) is necessary.  However, process is not the answer for everything.  A Free Range Project Manager™ has the power to use his of her judgment to circumvent the project management process when it makes sense to do so. 

Yes, boys and girls the process is not always right!

I have created a LinkedIn group titled “Free Range Project Managers.”  I would like to invite you to be among the first to join this group but it is not for everybody so.... PMBOK(R) huggers and Maturity Model lovers proceed cautiously.  Below are the tenets for the group:

Free Range Project Manager Guiding Principles

  1. Project management was successfully executed before the Pmbockians™ roamed the earth and Princes were squared
  2. Certifications imply a level of knowledge, but that knowledge does not directly translate to real world success.  Sound Judgment and experience trump certification
  3. Organizations with strong leaders that think do not need a maturity model to be successful
  4. Project managers are not a slave to the process or tools
  5. It’s not Waterfall or Agile… it is what makes sense depending upon the customer and the culture and great organizations are smart enough not to be bound to either

The Free Range Project Manager™ group will be the place where you can share:

A.  Real World Project Management Horror Stories of…

  • Methodologies Run Amok
  • Terrifying Templates
  • Rudderless Steering Committees
  • Spineless Sponsors
  • Meaningless Status Meetings
  • PMO’s Gone Wild

B.  Best practices of “thinking” and “leadership” that lead to common sense solutions

When you share a horror story please leave the company name out…. Feel free to begin with “once upon a time" or "in a galaxy far away” or “I knew of an organization…” 

The goal of the Free Range Project Manager group is to learn, have fun and protect the innocent at the same time.

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