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James BrownJames T. Brown Ph.D., President of SEBA® Solutions Inc., Registered Education Provider for the Project Management Institute, and leading project management authority, provides training services for many companies nationally and internationally, including numerous Fortune 500 Companies. He has sixteen years of NASA experience that includes “hands on” experience as a team member, project manager and serving in executive level organizational leadership roles.

As the author of The Handbook of Program Management: How to Facilitate Project Success with Optimal Program Management he has helped thousands reach project management and leadership success through his practical, real world applications and use of leadership, judgment and teamwork skills.

Story Angles and Topics

Dr. James Brown is available to contribute insights, sound bites, and content to media and news professionals. Possible topics and story angles can include:

  • Successful Project Management
  • How the human dynamic plays a role in project success
  • Quality improvements for businesses
  • Project scheduling solutions
  • Application of leadership, judgment, and teamwork
  • Common pitfalls and limitations to project management
  • Leadership skills for business leaders and project managers
  • Conflict Management in the workplace
  • How to recognize an out of control project and gain control

For additional story ideas or to schedule an interview, contact Dr. Brown directly at (321) 269-1222

Dr. James Brown and SEBA® Solutions in the News

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