Risk Identification Online Course

Risk Identification

60 Minute Video Course 1 PDU or PDH* Credit

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Risk Identification is the foundation to successful risk management. It must be done at a high level of excellence to assure good risk management including fostering communication that result in timely, effective project decisions.

Every project manager understands the importance of Risk Identification. Yet it is something that is often poorly executed. Poor execution includes risks are not comprehensively identified and inadequate impact statements. The aforementioned make it impossible to manage risk successfully and contribute to unnecessary challenges for the project team and sometimes project failure.

  • Learn 4 commonsense steps to assure risks are comprehensively and properly identified.
  • Avoid the common mistakes most project managers make on risk statements
  • Identify risks without necessarily overburdening the team and organization
  • Leverage risk statements as a communication tool that facilitates timely and effective decisions

What Others Are Saying

Great course! I appreciated the comprehensive course notes available in PDF format on the first slide. The risk letter, addressed to the project team, was very informative and will be added to my toolbox. As always I enjoy the format of the training; using real life examples bring it to life.”

— Sue Deets

Risk is consistently misapprehended and underestimated by PMs and their sponsors/stakeholders. This course was very useful in providing a taxonomy for RISK, parsing of the elements of RISK, and providing practical methods to manage, monitor, postpone, or even ignore RISK. I thought it was especially useful in this course that the limits on resources, and by implication, the ability to address all risks all the time in detail is not possible. Instead, the course advocated prioritizing risks based on SWAGs to characterize initial impacts. It was also useful to see RISKS monitored now and perhaps engaged later as they become more imminent and the project matures. It was also refreshing to see the hard reality of PM tradeoffs concerning RISK details vs. time - delay -sequencing vs. costs taken into account. The notion of a PM consciously deciding to ignore some Risks and the information requirements to resolve them was also useful. Overall, excellent course!”

— Gregory Blackburn

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Risk Identification

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60 minute video course, broken down into six 10 minute segments 1 PDU or PDH* Credit

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