Change Management:
The Undercover Role of the Project Manager

Keynote Speech by Dr. James Brown

Do you have the fundamental change management knowledge to assure project success?

Change management for organizational (stakeholder and customer acceptance) of change is a responsibility of the project manager. But, it is a role that is typically underappreciated… underutilized… and frankly not even recognized by many project managers. Change management is complex. There is no cookbook recipe you can find and then simply apply to your situation. Change management is necessary for success. Just like a battery stores up energy, you need to store up knowledge of change management and then apply when needed. This keynote presentation will help you do just that.

What Others Are Saying

One of the most comprehensive yet concise, presentations I've ever heard on the extremely challenging, and often misunderstood topic of change management.”

— K. Brandenburg


Time well spent! I learned a lot this evening and will use two of Dr. Brown's tips over the next week with a new customer. Very engaging speaker.

— P. Ayyagari


The best presentation on change management I have ever heard! (PM for 20 years)”

— D. Herrell

Hospital Corporation of America

Great presentation. Dr. Brown was knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining. He understands the challenges that project managers face on a daily basis.”

— R. Farr


This was great and everything that was said we can take back and use at our workplace.”

— C. Drabek


Excellent! This was an entertaining, educational talk. I learned some things and reinforced others with a smile and laughter.”

— P. Bridges

Booz Allen Hamilton

Fantastic, practical, down to earth and very usable.

— E. Ursin

Florida Department of Health

I will especially use the tools provided for working with stakeholders. It was refreshing to learn how to better work with people, even when it was challenging. Thanks for the good tools and practical tips.

— M. Stouffer


The emphasis on stakeholder communication as a fundamental of Change Management should be understood by every PM and customer-facing manager involved in service delivery.”

— T. deGroot

Ace Info Solutions

Excellent presentation and discussion on the importance of stakeholder buy-in. Great examples and use of humor to capture attention.

— L. Crosier


Great examples and practical next steps; liked the focus on understanding why people change, and how providing reassurance can help.”

— S. Baum

Hewlett Packard

Excellent program — I learned techniques to manage stakeholders and team members artfully.”

— R. Colon

The College Board
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