Excelling in College:
What your Professor Won’t Tell You 

Breakout Session by Dr. James Brown

This seminar covers the entire college experience. Participants are provided with practical guidelines for success from Dr. Brown’s unique perspective of having been an underachieving student, an A student and a university professor. Participants will recognize that success in college is dependent on much more than studying hard.

Learning objectives are dynamically illustrated through stories with real life examples. Interwoven throughout the presentation is the theme that anyone can succeed in college if they are dedicated and correctly apply themselves.

After completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Establish the who, what, when, where and how for study and test preparation
  • Know the difference between studying to make good grades and studying for knowledge
  • Understand how to interact with university professors and why most professors are lazy when it comes to teaching
  • Create an image of a serious student and why their student image is important
  • Define what kind of part time and summer jobs will benefit their studies and job opportunities upon graduation
  • Determine a work schedule that will not get in the way of their studies
  • Identify and gather key reference materials that make studying easier and shortens preparation time
  • Choose student organizations that benefit their studies and career aspirations
  • Manage the stress of being a student while having fun

This course, tailored specifically for students ranging from high school to graduate school, can be customized to any time length to fit your event needs.

What Others Are Saying

Your presentation was down to earth without being condescending. We all identified with various situations you described from a student and professors point of view. Your perfect blend of intellect and humor is both credible and enjoyable.

– Cheryl Bartoszek
Project Director High School/High Tech
Space Coast Center for Independent Living

Read the entire letter (PDF, 850KB)

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