Kill What’s Ugly While It’s Young®

Keynote Speech by Dr. James Brown

Although project management is sometimes no laughing matter, this keynote program takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the art and science of critical project management truths. Let off a little steam in this session, and discover the sacred truths that every project manager needs to know.

This course goes over topics including:

  • Kill what’s ugly while it’s young®
  • Lie to the customer as long as you can
  • Fear and pain, the ultimate project team motivators
  • Plagiarism equals profits
  • Brownnosing, the key to project management success

Kill What’s Ugly While It’s Young® can also be adapted to general audiences and other business leaders.

What Others Are Saying

Dr. Brown was fabulous.. it was an unbelievable speech. So different than what we were used to. You can apply the concepts to a lot of different areas.”

— Pamela Buckwold and Marianne Caridi

Rarely do I leave an event where I have to prioritize the topics-items I will implement when I return to work plus in life.”

— D. Matthews

Dana Holding Corp.

Funny, entertaining and very true!

— V. Sadler

Morris Group Inc

Wonderful speaking techniques, infusing humor with facts, I particularly enjoyed the anecdotal stories to get his point across.”

— S. Ellery


Fabulous! Wonderful! Refreshing!

— C. Chhabra

The Hartford

It was inspiring, makes you want to go back to work to do a better job, to be a better project manager.”

— D. Burgard

First Solar

Fabulous – Funny – Focused and because of that the content is easily acted upon to make our project and leadership efforts more successful.”

— C. Sniezak

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