Managing Your Career:
What Your Boss Won’t Tell You

Breakout Session by Dr. James Brown

This seminar covers all the aspects of career management beyond just working hard and is for those who want to achieve career success by advancing to higher levels of responsibility in the organization. Often the mid-career professional that has diligently kept their nose to the grindstone finds all they have to show for ten, fifteen or twenty years of work is a flat nose. Participants are provided with practical guidelines for success that focuses on strategies and tactics that ensure hard work is rewarded. Objectives are dynamically illustrated through stories with real life examples.

After completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Establish a career plan within an organization
  • Determine the political power structure in an organization
  • Know the importance of sales skills in any and all professions
  • Understand why management doesn’t usually do what is logical
  • Define the proper attire for their work environment
  • Create an image of a serious professional and understand why their professional image is important
  • Identify different communication styles and why they are critical for effective presentations
  • Recognize the importance of interpersonal relationships in the work environment
  • Choose professional and charitable organizations that benefit their career aspirations
  • Become very visible to high levels of management in a modest way

This program is for anyone that desires to maximize their career success whether young or seasoned. It can also be customized in length depending on your needs.

What Others Are Saying

Fabulous as always... Cannot endorse him enough... Absolutely love hearing Dr. Brown speak.

— Helen Justice and Jennifer Fields

Amen! It is so refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is, acknowledge "the real world" and provide solutions and tips to succeed in that world’”

— T. Hart-Dyer, FIS

Engaging, thought provoking and humorous. Dr. Brown spoke volumes in a short presentation. A+++’”

— C. Schultz, Aetna

Fast paced,very entertaining, quite to the point.’”

— P. Stark, Whatcom Transportation Authority

In today's work environment embracing Dr. Brown's recommendations help break the chains and frustrations of the reality's of getting ahead by the non traditional methods presented.’”

— R. Corral, Heath Tecna

The workshop you presented exceeded our expectations and resulted in positive feedback from all participants. ‘Excellent presentations, relevant materials, witty plus professional.’”

— Pamela M. Biegert, Chief Education Programs & University Research Division John F. Kennedy Space Center

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World-changing... a different/fresh perspective in a world of conformity”

— Nicholas Chapman

Very useful, inspiring, interesting and fun.”

– Kira Cebrian

Very enlightening. I learned a lot. I now know that my first job will not last forever. I am aware that studying and training is a lifelong process, the importance of establishing good relationships in the workplace is tremendous.”

– Julian Janchez

Amazing. Thank you so much. Definitely inspirational.”

– Alyssa Filippi

Absolutely wonderful!

– Carl Oquendo

I thought it was excellent and there was so much valuable information. He said things that are practical that we can begin using today.”

– Amber Scheurer

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