Team Building in a Project Environment:
Kindergarten Skills You Can Use

Keynote Speech by Dr. James Brown

Team building in the project management arena is often an overlooked process, frequently given lip service, and rarely given time. In work environments that are highly technical, team building process are often non-existent and these organizations often struggle with implementing the basics of project management due to lack of buy in by the team on a number of fronts. Organizations often overlook the fact that teams exist on multiple levels and team building processes need to occur at all of these levels.

A lack of team building frequently results in inability to resolve conflicts effectively, lack of engagement of team members, project managers acting in short term interest of their project at the expense of the organization and inability to deliver to cost and schedule targets. The result of the aforementioned is usually the lack of application of a kindergarten skill.

This keynote presentation will identify critical kindergarten skills for team building, motivate participants to implement team building processes and recognize the “team charter” as the foundation of that process.

What Others Are Saying

The principles he used, I can really use in my day-to-day life. I got a lot out of it.

— Julie Olson

Excellent... Dr. Brown made me think about a wide variety of ways I can improve myself and any teams I become a part of or lead.”

— B. Squires
Home Depot

Provided me insight as to why things happen in my office.  I work in an IT Project Management Office where the biggest challenge is working with people. This session provided me with new ideas to try at work.”


— W. Hohorst

Dr. Brown is an enthusiastic speaker that motivated me to try new leadership techniques.”

— A. Zaphiris

The presentation was engaging to everyone in the room. Whatever our roles - we could relate. I honestly came away excited to proceed as a better manager with concrete ideas for success!”

— D. Rothe
Bethesda Lutheran Communities

Very, very good. Dr. Brown is a very effective speaker. He explains in clear terms how to be a better project manager.

— M. Bohn
Agilent Technologies

Superior! - Many very usable ideas in a short time.”

T. Rieck
Vail Resorts

Great content, clearly delivered, and great bonus material in the handout.

H. Wehrman

First class - great content & delivery - brings theory and practice to common sense.”

— D. Davis
Larimer County

Good project managers will be excited about this content. People excited about this content should become good project managers.”

D. Mullaney
Agilent Technologies

Excellent - lots of wisdom communicated in a short time.

— J. Bryan
Charter Communications

The session was very eye opening to things that should be very obvious yet they are always overlooked. I would have never thought it was as simple as going back to the core kindergarten lessons.”

— M. Meir
Bethesda Lutheran Communities

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