The Art of Stakeholder Management

Breakout Session by Dr. James Brown

Great project managers know that success goes beyond the triple constraint deliverables and includes managing stakeholder expectations. Three aspects of managing stakeholder expectations are:

  1. Know your stakeholders
  2. Know what you are supposed to deliver from the perspective of the stakeholder
  3. Hold your stakeholders accountable to the realities of the project (regardless of the position of the stakeholder, the attitude of the stakeholder, or the availability of the stakeholder).

This break out session provides the tactics you need to identify, herd and lead stakeholders to ensure a successful project deliverable with minimum project manager stress level.

What Others Are Saying

Dr. Brown provided valuable strategies & rules of engagement for dealing with difficult stakeholders that I will implement immediately.

— Tracy Williams

I'm an old hand at being a project manager and a people manager, and I found that it solidified my thinking on stakeholder management.

— Patti Carter, PMP, CSM

If I knew this concept as I know it now, I would be much further along for successful project management.”

— E. Adolphe Shell Oil

Great information. Wish I had this information years ago. If you are having a stakeholder issue you need to hear this session.”

— C. Fair-Wright Optimal Consulting

One of the best presentations I have seen. Probably the best project management presentation.”

— D. Terry Southwestern Energy

It was great! Dr. Brown was engaging and funny. The information presented was relevant.”

— K. Aleman Communities in Schools - North Carolina

Excellent program. Dr. Brown speaks from a point of knowledge & experience. Ideas are very pragmatic and can be put into practice immediately.”

— K. Duncan Shell Oil

Mr. Brown presented information on stakeholder management that I had never heard or read about. This will help me manage projects immensely..”

— E. Slifker Credit Suisse

Very frank, direct, interactive and helpful information, useful strategy on handling stakeholders - each is unique.”

— D. Reinhardt CA Technologies

Was engaging! Riddled with practical application, data and humor. Just what the doctor ordered on what ails a project manager.

— N. Davis Heartland Payment Systems

Great presentation, Great ideas - simple, yet profoundly applicable to the PM working environment.”

— M. Atkinson Texas Instruments

This presentation was phenomenal. As a new PMP, the information about managing stakeholder expectations and gleaning information from stakeholders was very timely.”

— S. Walthall Avero LLC

Dr. Brown makes the art of Stakeholder Analysis ‘FUN’!

— J. Rejcek Rexal Holdings USA

Finally, someone who understands project management is about relationships and not just scheduling and documents!”

— D. Newton El Paso Corp.

Great! As you observed understanding sales makes an individual a better project manager. Thank you for an outstanding presentation.”

— S. Hocking Booz Allen Hamilton

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