The Resource Leveled Project Schedule:
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Breakout Session by Dr. James Brown

Do you ever wonder why your project schedule is a pain to put together, a pain to maintain and sometimes doesn’t relate to what is really happening in your project? Project scheduling with limited resources is very challenging. However, if the project has resource constraints, the critical path method is a practical way to generate an impractical schedule. Thus, resource leveling is necessary to generate a valid project schedule. Additionally, when resource leveling is used, it usually extends the critical path schedule beyond the desired need date and the user is left in a quandary.

Every project manager should understand the “real world” fundamentals of resource leveling. In order to gain this fundamental knowledge the good, the bad and the ugly of resource leveling are presented.

After this presentation you will know more about project scheduling than ninety-nine percent of all project managers and PMP’s on planet earth. Your project will still be a pain to put together, a pain to maintain and may not relate to what is really happening in your project, but you will know why and what actions to consistently take to deliver on the target date, near the target date, or at least still remembering the target date.

What Others Are Saying

Perfect amount of information and delivery in a short time. Excellent Handout. Great interaction and participation with the audience.”

— K. Schuster Thomson Reuters


— C. Andoh Pfizer

Excellent and informative, and absolutely in touch with the “real world” in which project managers live and work.”

— L. McGeorge South Carolina Federal Credit Union

Really entertaining and informative.”

— M. Snell Health Quest System

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