Three Overlooked Attributes of a Successful PMO

Breakout Session by Dr. James Brown

To support the successful implementation of project management many organizations have created Project Management Offices… the PMO as the answer to successful project execution. Unfortunately, a number of PMO’s fail to help the organization deliver on successful project execution for a variety of reasons. This has resulted in the elimination of some PMO’s totally or PMO’s that exist in title only (powerless entities).

Make sure you’re not overlooking the attributes of a successful PMO:

  1. A project management methodology that is flexible and uses a Darwinian approach.
  2. A tool set philosophy that supports instead of supplanting project managers.
  3. The O for Office can be optional.

What Others Are Saying

Great Program! Very insightful into the challenges of project management even for mature organizations.”

— G. Penton

Very good, very informative.

— R. Vincent

Refreshing. After 20 years of project management it's great to hear someone say it like it is!”

— C. Veihmeyer

Different perspectives; fresh nuggets of perspectives that give you ideas for taking the PMO to the next level.”

— J. Marotta

It was great! Perfect timing as we start the PMO in our organization. Great food for thought and ideas for immediate implementation

— J. Grant
Tyler Technologies


— P. Falcone
Royal Caribbean International

Dr. Brown addresses real business issues with solutions that are supported by experience and knowledge”

— J. Reasor
UTi Integrated Logistics

Outstanding - Informative and engaging.”

— H. Smith
D3 Technologies

Balanced, practical approach, brings real world common sense in balance with the PMO.

— L. Jackson
Southern Wine & Spirits

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