Project Management and Leadership Training

Practical Solutions To Increase Your Bottom Line

Project Management TrainingSEBA® Solutions provides practical application experiences that ensure immediate positive results. Successful project management and quality improvements cannot be achieved with tools and methods alone. Human dynamics play a significant role. The application of leadership, judgment and teamwork skills are required and these themes are interwoven throughout the training experience in all courses.

Knowing the limitations of tools and methods is as important as knowing how to use them. Any tool’s effectiveness is limited by the skill of the user and the misuse of a tool or technique can often result in unwanted and costly consequences. With SEBA® Solutions training solutions, participants discover the right questions to ask that quickly identify, avoid, and solve problems before they start to get out of control.

Public Events

Public EventsTake control of your projects, before they become a mess! Navigate the path to successful project management, increase your team’s efficiency, and enhance your bottom line by attending one of SEBA® Solutions public events on project management and leadership.

Onsite Workshops

Onsite WorkshopsGet practical, hands on project management and leadership training specific for your organization that will help your team deliver projects on time, under budget, and full featured.

Online Courses for Project Managers and Engineers

Online CoursesWhether you are looking for training on a specific topic or you need to fulfill your professional development units and hours, SEBA® Solutions online courses provide the convenience you’re looking for and the information you need.


Public EventsWith online courses, books, and DVDs, the SEBA® Solutions Store is full of resources that fit your project management, leadership development, and engineering training needs.

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