Conflict Management for Project Managers

Onsite Workshop with Dr. James Brown

Organizational success is rooted in successful relationships at all levels. Conflict is a natural part of any work environment and must be addressed in a positive and effective manner.

When improperly handled, conflicts can create barriers to organizational efficiency that can linger and/or spill over to other areas outside of the original situation. When properly handled, conflicts are resolved in a manner that maintains relationships and produces mutually agreeable outcomes.

This course focuses on conflict management and negotiations through prevention and resolution.

After completion of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Interpret key human behavior elements and their impact on conflict
  • Apply human behavior principles to prevent/minimize conflict through the establishment of strong relationships
  • Resolve conflict in a positive way

Conflict prevention ensures participants know human behavior and relationship building skills that minimize conflict potential and impact. Prevention essentially attacks organizational conflicts at the source. This is especially important for technical personnel that are unaware of and/or discount the importance of human behavior and relationships. Resolution focuses on skill development for negotiations and handling real time conflicts.

What Others Are Saying

The interesting content, real world examples and interactive style of this class gives me a real understanding of the topic and actionable tools I can put to use immediately to improve my ability to deal with conflicts.”

— C. Sims Harris

This class was like a suspenseful and action-packed movie where I didn't want to miss a thing! 5/5 of my mind was fully engaged. Dr. Brown is a brilliant master and student of human behavior.”

— M. LaVigne Essilor of America Inc.

I found this session refreshing. A worthwhile break from the daily grind to focus on the important aspects of conflict management. Dr. Brown's presentation was witty and at the same time very effective.”

— Mark Becker


This is the third course that I have attended of Dr. Brown's. Once again I enjoyed the session and will immediately apply what I have learned to my daily work and interactions with others.”

— L. Adams

Citrix Systems

Every manager should take this course at least once and some as often as they need until they 'get' the principles.”

— F. Middleton


This program showed me how to look at conflict in a positive and productive way.”

— G. Creson

The Citadel

About Dr. James Brown

Dr. James BrownJames T. Brown Ph.D., president of SEBA® Solutions Inc., a Registered Education Provider for the Project Management Institute, has provided training and consulting services for dozens of companies nationally and internationally. He has sixteen years of NASA experience that includes “hands on” experience as a team member, project manager and serving in executive level organizational leadership roles.

Contact Dr. James Brown directly at (321) 269-1222 to get your organization scheduled for the Conflict Management for Project Managers Workshop.