Project Requirements

Onsite Workshop with Dr. James Brown

Project failure is often linked to the quality of requirements and the effective management of those requirements. Even though it is widely accepted that effective requirement development and management are key for success; team members, project managers and organizations often struggle with the requirements process. This course provides participants with a framework and strategy for developing and managing project requirements to maximize the likelihood of successful projects. Participants will also identify and avoid the common requirements pitfalls.

After completion of this course the participant will be able to: 

  • Understand how to properly define project scope and link it to organizational values and strategy
  • Manage stakeholders during the requirements process
  • Generate requirements
  • Minimize “so called” missing or TBD requirements
  • Establish metrics for requirements
  • Know the characteristics of good requirements
  • Organize requirements into logical and manageable structures
  • Properly track requirements throughout the project life cycle
  • Avoid common requirements mistakes
  • Understand how to create a change management process that stabilizes requirements

This course is targeted towards project managers, project team members, and project stakeholders.

Length: Custom

What Others Are Saying

Great! As a 20 year Business Analyst and the amount of takeaways I have, I would say time well spent.”

C. Capkovic, Raymond James

Dr. Brown's workshop on project requirements was a helpful atmosphere to learn new things, discuss with fellow project managers and professionals. A great way to spend a Saturday”

J. Brick, athenahealth

The project requirements course has opened my eyes to the problems and solutions available to help make my job more efficient. I've gained many techniques I can share with my co-workers who did not participate and help make our processes smoother.”

C. Best, CBC Companies

Excellent course! As usual Dr. Brown delivered. The course was easy to follow and had many techniques that I will implement to strengthen project requirements processes from preliminary to baseline.”

R. McGrew, Honeywell

Dr. Brown has conducted several project management classes for my organization including Project Requirements. As a result of the initial training class we easily filled more classes because of the quality of the services he provided. The real world aspects of project management and his use of stories made all the difference in the effectiveness of the training. As the sponsor for the training I was very pleased to receive the following comments from personnel about the classes he conducted:
  • Dr. Brown's real world and academic credentials are excellent. His energy from start to finish is phenomenal
  • Great Job! Used simple examples to explain at times complex idea
  • James is a very good instructor, very well prepared and knowledgeable. He keeps the class involved and amused with personal experiences that directly relate to the material.

I hope you will register and attend this training.”

K. Rubinson, Palm Beach County School District

Dr. James BrownAbout Dr. James Brown

Many people choose a physician by finding out who doctors send their family to when they need medical attention. They are looking for the doctor’s doctor, the best of the best. Dr. Brown is a doctor’s doctor when it comes to project management.

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