Value Based Decision Making Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Onsite Workshop with Dr. James Brown

This course is an easy and credible way for you to make decisions, select projects, prioritize alternatives and make critical project management decisions that can boost your bottom line. The difference between Dr. Brown and high profile consulting firms is that Dr. Brown teaches you how to do it yourself.

With Value Based Decision Making Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process you’ll learn to:

  • Get buy in and consensus from key decision makers
  • Orchestrate the process so that there is buy in and support from the decision makers.
  • Make it their decision and not your process.
  • Recognize the importance of value based decision making
  • Understand why the Analytic Hierarchy Process is superior to other methods
  • Realize why most weighting systems are invalid
  • Comprehend the fundamental structure of the Analytic Hierarchy Process
  • Establish a value based structure that is representative of organizational goals and stakeholder expectations
  • Create a decision model using the Analytic Hierarchy Process
  • Understand why ROI is the most overrated project selection criteria
  • Perform sensitivity analysis on an Analytic Hierarchy Process decision model
  • Ensure decision participants are consistent in their preferences
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls when implementing the Analytic Hierarchy Process

After completing this course many participants realize their organization’s existing project selection system is little more than voodoo, and lacks real credibility. Most importantly their selection method usually doesn’t give the correct priority to the most important projects causing lost revenue and increased costs.

What Others Are Saying

This program brings collaboration, enlightenment, and buy in to the decision making process. It was very worthwhile.”

— P. Holliday Dignity Health

Removing the politics from the decision making and leveling the playing field. Those are issues that always come up and Dr. Brown has a solution for them.”

— D. Ranard HP

Dr. Brown's approach was SPOT-ON. The seminar was very logical, comprehensive and fun...

— D. Kelly HDR

Dr. Brown brings "real life" practicality to making proper choices and focus for projects and how project managers can succeed in organizations with competing views and priorities.”

— J. Kyle UTSA

Very informative and clearly explained the Analytic Hierarchy Process. I feel confident I could either use the software or develop the excel model to come up with the right decision based on the criteria & appropriate weighting system

— K. Fulbright Farmers Insurance

Very useful not only in the business aspect, but personal as well. This was not what I call an abstract "consultant speak" presentation with buzz words but actually helpful, useful, real world good stuff!

— A. Whitley TEAM IE, Inc.

Dr. Brown taught this course to the Project Management Office (PMO) in a Fortune 100 company as a basis for project selection. Long after the training, the PMO was not only receiving accolades for what they had done with the project selection process, but the success of this process caused the executive level leadership to task the PMO to use the Analytic Hierarchy Process for other critical decisions in the organization.

About Dr. James Brown

Dr. James BrownCome learn from someone who has done it and does it. Dr. James T. Brown PMP was awarded the NASA Public Service Medal for his support of the nation’s Space Program. He used the analytic hierarchy process to prioritize NASA Safety Initiatives and support agency wide strategic planning. He has taught this technique at multiple NASA centers and the private sector.

To schedule this project management training course with Dr. James Brown, contact him directly at (321) 269-1222.