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Three tips for avoiding project failure from a “Bait Project”

My last blog “Have you suffered from Project Failure due to being the victim of a “Bait Project?”” drew a response from a long time colleague Dennis Peters of Siemens.  See his response below…

I guess I’ve been the “police” in this role play before.   Sometimes as the sponsor of the project you really do think the PM can handle it, and get lulled into the sense that “this one will be better.”

Options for the PM?

1. Politely refuse to take the project. Of course, that is tantamount to political suicide. All projects are tough. All have longish hours. I think this is a bad option, as you likely won’t get asked again, or get forced into it. I know I didn’t ask people a second time.

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Can Project Management be as Simple as List-Making?

Can Project Management be as Simple as List-Making?

I recently sat down with a CIO who was not pleased with a project manager’s performance at a project status meeting because they lacked some information the CIO considered essential.  He told me “I was always a list-maker.

Think about that list-maker statement…

  • List of risks ~ “Risk Register
  • List of tasks ~ “Work Breakdown Structure
  • List of resources and responsibilities ~ “Responsibility Assignment Matrix”
  • List of task successors and predecessors ~ “Schedule
  • List of Stakeholders ~ “Stakeholder Analysis Matrix

Creating these lists is the mechanical or science part of project management.  I don’t want to tarnish your project management certification, but the science part of project management is not that complicated. 

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