The Seven Gym Personalities You Must Deal with at Work

The seven gym personalities you must deal with at work.

It is the time of year when gym membership sign ups and attendance peaks, as we all make renewed commitments to get in better shape in the new year. As I climb endlessly on the stairmaster at Planet Fitness it is interesting to observe the seven “gym personalities” that also show up in the work environment and must be dealt with. The personalities are:

  1. The Talker.  The talker does very little exercise because they use the gym as a social experience and are constantly chit chatting with anyone who will listen.  The talker is in the work environment and seems to find time to discuss every current political, personal or pop culture issue with co-workers, but never seems to have time to get their work done on schedule.
  2. The Slacker.  The slacker does an exercise and then spends five minutes texting or looking at their phone before they go and do another exercise.  Slackers in the work environment lose focus and tend to have a hard time doing what’s important but appear to stay very busy with the trivial and have no idea that IT can actually track their time on Facebook and ebay.
  3. The Sloppy.  The sloppy gym member sweats all over everything and then doesn’t clean up after themselves leaving it for the next person.  Sloppy people at work create work for anyone else that has to follow behind them because they haven’t done a thorough and complete job and someone else has to tie up all the lose ends before proceeding further.
  4. The Show off.  Show off’s have to let everyone know how strong they are by prancing around before lifting weights or by loud grunting or dropping the weights to make lots of noise to attract attention.  Show off’s in the work environment want everyone to know they are “the smartest” or working on the most critical aspects of the project and use every opportunity to let everyone know what they have done and how they have saved the day.
  5. The Clueless.  The clueless person knows nothing about lifting weights or the cardio machines and just starts doing stuff endangering themselves and others.  Clueless people at work often accept and/or are assigned work they are not capable of doing and then combine this error without asking enough questions before proceeding and therefore create all kinds of havoc. 
  6. The Self Absorbed.  Self absorbed people in the gym can’t lift weights unless they are looking at themselves in the mirror.  They position the bench and weights so they have an unobstructed view of themself and when it is time to exercise their other arm they turn around so they can see that side of themselves in the mirror.  Self absorbed people at work only care about the overall project or organization as it relates specifically to what they are doing.  They have to see their tasks in the status report and hear their work discussed otherwise they don’t contribute.
  7. The Blocker.  The blocker is the person who starts exercising right in front of the weight rack blocking access to the weights to others or chooses to stretch in places that limit the access of others or they tie up multiple machines at once.  Blockers in the work environment don’t think about the ramifications of their actions as it relates to the ability of others to accomplish their work.  They are often surprised and then apologetic when they realize their actions were holding others back.

I wish you the best with all of your 2016 professional and fitness goals and trust you won’t have too many gym personalities to deal with in the coming year.

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