Top Ten Project Manager Success Factors

I am pleased to present my Top Ten Project Manager Success Factors. I will cover each one of these in more detail in future newsletters, but the entire list is below. Communication is often listed as a project management success factor and you will notice it is not listed specifically on my list. However, all of the factors below are contributors to successful project communications.

1. Establish crystal clear single point accountability (For everything… tasks, risks, issues, assumptions etc.)

2. Be a relationship builder

3. Assure commitment from the team and stakeholders

4. Avoid over committing yourself and the team

5. Know how to prioritize and prioritize everything (This also means you are skilled at aggregation, disaggregation and re-aggregation)

6. Ensure goals, objectives and requirements are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic, Time Constrained)

7. Have a process to identify and resolve issues and conflict (quickly)

8. Write and require complete risk statements for all impact domains

9. Understand your planning horizon and plan accordingly

10. Know how to follow up gracefully

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