What is the Trait of a Predator that a Successful Project Manager must have?

What is the Trait of a Predator that a Successful Project Manager must have?

I was surf fishing at sunrise today from the sunny Florida shore using my favorite top-water lure.  The ocean was alive with thousands of mullet (bait fish) close to shore.  I got a massive strike by a shark on my lure about 80 yards from shore… when the lure was 40 yards from shore the shark exploded on the lure again and this time was hooked.

This shark went by hundreds of hundreds of live bait fish swimming around my fishing lure to attack it the second time.  He ate the lure that was in a sea of harmless live bait fish.  Why?  Because the lure is mimicking a distressed, wounded bait fish.  Sharks, Barracuda and other predators can immediately sense distress and hone in on it.  This keeps the ocean environment healthy.

The ability to sense weakness and distress is a trait all project managers should have. 

In a sea of activities, stakeholders and politics the project manager must be able to quickly focus their efforts where it is needed.  Situations and areas of distress.  This ability is often a feel gained from experience and training that is bolstered by sound process.  Great project managers somehow know when and where to quickly jump in to solve problems.  This keeps the project environment healthy.

P.S.  The shark was safely released!

P.P.S.  Unfortunately, good or bad, I think of project management in most every situation.

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